Our Services

We offer an array of expert services provided by professionals to help you achieve your goals.

Facebook Advertising

Quickly scale your practice and gain new leads with optimized paid ads catered to your location.

Website Development & Design

Appearance is everything in the digital age. We create beautiful & responsive websites that convert visitors into new patients.

Lead Generation

Active and consistent lead follow-up assures that majority are converted into patients.

Appointment Setting

We effectively follow up, book and schedule appointments for your patients hassle free.


Update your headshots and digital images with professional custom content, free from stock images!

Consulting & Team Training

Learn from our dental experts & professionals how to turn more appointments into new patients for your practice.

Mastering Leadership & Business Skills

Coaching and Training Program for your team so you can spend more time on what you love to do

Mastering Case Presentation

Understand your patients’ needs and effectively communicate their needed services

Mastering Marketing and Scaling

Gain new patients who keep coming back to your office.

The Delivery of the PDM Philosophy

PDM Partners will learn leadership skills, case presentation abilities, make better use of systems, master effective marketing strategies, and how to empower your team.

PDM Results

Our partners are able to utilize PDM’s proven process to increase their yearly production year over year. We sit down with every client and create a customized plan that yields tangible results tailored to your unique practice. We guarantee results based on your desired goals.

  • Attract new patients each month
  • Cultivate a unified, cooperative, and strong team working culture
  • Increase the year-on-year profits of your profession
  • Team members learn how to take the initiative and responsibility for the success of the practice

PDM Systems

Our team has been in the dental industry for nearly 25 years. We have built and sold many multi-million dollar dental offices. We have perfected not just the dentistry side of the business, but the logistics side including billing, insurance, call backs, marketing, lead generation, team building, office culture, equipment buying, reputation management through Yelp & Google reviews, case presentation & closing, how to get patients to keep coming back and refer their friends & family, and more.

We’ve done this for ourselves so many times that we want to start helping other dental professionals achieve their dreams too.

Raise a Team Leader to Whom You Can Delegate Responsibilities

From daily huddles, to hiring a rockstar team. We help you hire your way to financial & professional freedom. We will show you our system for managing many team members and have your dental office manage itself so you can focus on what you love, whether that be more dental work with patients, or taking more vacations, or just spending more time with your family.

Creating KPI’s for individual team members is essential. We go over how to influence and assess your entire team’s performance daily, weekly, and monthly.

Balancing Work & Personal Life

No dental professional or dentist should have to work 80-hour workweeks if they don’t want to at the expense of neglecting their personal lives. Sacrificing family time, hobbies, or time to recharge will lead to eventual burnout. We help dentists achieve the life they want without sacrificing time and money.

We provide an opportunity to help you establish a practice that accommodates your lifestyle, maximizes your wealth, all while helping you create a lasting impact in your local community.

  • Get more family time
  • Build out a rewarding life that allows time for your favorite things outside of work
  • Achieve revenue goals while making a positive impact on the lives of your team and community

Looking for Growth through Coaching & Marketing?

Contact PDM today to see if your practice qualifies to enter our Proven Marketing and Consulting Program. If you qualify, schedule a call today and we will go over your business goals as well as your life goals and create a customized plan for you.

If having a full schedule is the main concern, our Marketing Program is designed to get your work schedule booked out fast – and equip you with knowledge/skills to transform/maintain your dental practice as a productive and profitable venture.

Ready to Grow Your Practice?